Key Staff


Bruce Cook Jr.


As company President, Bruce oversees the operations for the company.  He is involved in all aspects of the daily business and continues to provide leadership and vision to our dedicated team.

Bruce joined the company in 1983. His technical abilities and experience have proven invaluable with our very diverse project portfolio. Bruce’s people skills, leadership philosophies, and strong ethics have promoted a collaborative and mutually rewarding environment at the company.


Debbie Ryan

CFO / Senior Vice President

As CFO and Senior Vice President, Debbie oversees all financial strategizing, planning, and overall success of PPC and our projects. She is involved with every step of our projects including prequalification to ensure our participation in bidding, project awarding and the various associated requirements, through the stages of completion, and ultimately the closing of projects.

Debbie joined the team in 1999 after a successful career in various accounting and finance roles to provide a strong financial foundation for the continued growth and success of PPC. She has been crucial in building the company we have become today, as the tools and strategies she works to employ have elevated the technical sophistication and productivity of the accounting and finance sectors of our team.


Brian Buchanan

Vice President

As Vice President, Brian manages various departments within PPC. With a ranging scope, he is able to ensure that the different segments of our team have all the necessary tools and strategies necessary for a successful project, and, ultimately, company. Along with the managing of the various accounting functions within PPC, Brian also oversees the growth and development of PPC’s IT department, where focus is put on innovative strategies to assist with a rapidly advancing construction industry.

Brian joined PPC in 2009 after working in public accounting, and has since carried out functions in numerous roles within PPC to further develop a better understanding of the company, as a whole. 


Chris Abbamonto

Vice President

As Vice President, Chris manages PPC’s Project Managers, providing resources, assistance, and guidance for project success. Chris also oversees various other functions within PPC including assisting with sales and marketing, customer interactions and relationships, and overall organizational growth and goal strategizing.

With more than 20 years experience, Chris is responsible for project and operational management. Chris has unique experience in energy and cost efficiencies and is a key Design and Build team member.


Bill Collins

Vice President of Operations

As company Vice President, Bill is responsible for the overall direction, coordination, completion and success of the project. Bill’s project management skills are extraordinary as he not only has a thorough understanding of all job site requirements, but he is also focused on the mutual goal to exceed our client’s expectations everyday.

Bill joined the company in 1987 and began his career as a plumber.  His work ethic and technical capabilities have established him as a natural leader.  Bill’s hands on experience and strong management skills have been key to the company’s success with many complex projects, such as our design and build and Central Plant projects.


John Mohr

Vice President of Operations

As Vice President and Superintendent, John provides a highly efficient oversight function to our field operations, as well as in the office. He is able to navigate through challenging obstacles as they arise with reliance on his nearly three decades of experience in the field. He manages personnel assignment based on project critical needs while ensuring those in the office have clear and concise direction.

With more than 30 years experience at PPC, John has brought his technical knowledge into the office from the field to join the Senior Management team and provide an elevated level of input and coordination that ensures projects run efficiently, with clarity, and that deliverables and project expectations are met.


Kyle Landis

PE, Director of Engineering

As a Professional Engineer and Director of Engineering, Kyle can effectively lead discussions regarding Design and Build projects where we function as a General Contractor and is also able to assist with functions resulting from being in a Subcontractor role. Kyle manages our BIM Department, where he brings his educational and professional experience to the team resulting in a highly effective team.

Kyle has been a valuable addition to the PPC in assisting with the further development of our in-house engineering capabilities, services we are able to provide to customers, and overall project efficiency by use of construction software tools and programs.


Jeremy Swirck

Director of Procurement

As Director of Procurement, Jeremy has brought his years of experience in procurement management to the PPC team resulting in efficiently running projects, vendor relationship management, and overall warehouse management. Through his efforts, Jeremy has been able to institute a higher level of organization, management, and detail for the everyday operations of jobsite ordering, tracking, and delivery.

Jeremy provides a high level of management and control to his department that is shown in the overall satisfaction of, not only, our Project Management, our customers, but our field employees, as well. His hard work and dedication provide a foundation for a critical portion of PPC’s operation.