Quiksilver Headquarters Campus Project

Project Description

This tenant improvement project transformed an existing 115,000 square-foot warehouse into a state-of-the-art creative office space for Quiksilver.  The HVAC portion of the project included the installation of (4) 10-ton air-cooled split systems.  Each system consisted of an outdoor air cooled condenser with dual refrigeration circuits, refrigerant piping and digital scroll compressors for precise capacity control and energy efficiency.  Due to weight constraints of the existing roof structure, a DuctSox system was installed.  This fabric HVAC ducting system also complimented the aesthetic goals of the owner.  Bathrooms were installed with water-saving fixtures.

RBA Builders
Mechanical Engineer
Engineering-Design-Analysis, Inc.
Contract Amount
$1.5 million
September 2011
Gensler Architects